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What is it like running on the Salt Flats at night? Dusk to Dawn Relay Race reviews

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Want to hear how the inaugural Dusk to Dawn Relay Race straight from the mouths of those who ran it?

Here you go!

"This was so much fun! Running on the salt was really otherworldly - it felt unique and different from other races." -Jana

"I LOVED the lap I ran while the lights and music were off. Something about being out there with nothing but the crunch of my feet on the salt and the milky way wheeling above me. It was down-right transcendent! Super cool experience all around." -Shanalee

"Like running on the moon." -Anonymous

"Very unique running on the Salt Flats. The Organizers seemed very organized and engaged especially for the 1st race." -Jeremy

"We will definitely return. Everyone on the team absolutely loved it! Some of us have never been out at the Salt Flats before, the pictures turned out amazing!" -Tess

"I have participated in a lot of races but this one was a new experience for sure. The backdrop was spectacular. My favorite was when all the lights were turned off." -Marsha

"I loved this race. I was nervous beforehand, having never done a relay like this, that it would be a bit torturous running through the night, but it was such a neat and unique experience and I loved sharing it with a team of friends. Definitely been telling my friends and family about it so we can have a couple of teams for next year." -Laurel

"I have never seen the Milky Way as bright as when I was making my loops during the dark hours. Running beneath those clusters of light and the tails of shooting stars is an experience I will long remember."

Next race scheduled for August 21-22, 2020.

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