Looking for the perfect motivation to get out there and pound the pavement? Start here with some of the best running memes created in the history of running memes!


If you're like most of the runners out there (I'm guilty...) your favorite conversation topic is your morning run, upcoming race schedule, how early you get up to run, running horror story.....the list could go on - and so could you, I'm sure!


Yup, that about sums it up. We understand your pain...


Insert your favorite cliche "running is a sport" saying here:

"My sport is your sport's punishment"

"Date a runner, every other athlete is a player"

It goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway - RUNNING IS A SPORT!!


I don't care if I'm running through a beautiful Swiss meadow or through back alleys in the city, when I get out and run, it somehow makes everything in life seem better. Worries slip away, my mind becomes clear and my body feels energized.

Forget laughter, running is the best medicine!


Then there are those haters out there who think that running actually makes your day worse haha! And okay, I'll admit, some of my runs end up like that....but I don't talk about those! Cause I love running too much, and even the worst days aren't bad enough to keep me from going out again.


Since we're still experiencing the snow (at least here in Utah) let's try to make the best of it with a little snowball running humor.


And forget about going up and down the stairs! I'm about to move into a single floor condo just because of this...because I'm not giving up my long runs, oh no.


I've given up trying to explain why I run to my non-runner friends. Instead, I'll try to convince them to come running with me and say "it's okay, I'll go slow!" Ha, like they ever take me up on that offer :P If they ever did, I'm convinced they would understand me better...


They say to not judge other people - but in this case, I'd say it's fair. Dang all those fair-weather, 3-mile runners!!!


But the feeling of coming home, taking off your frozen socks and flopping down on the rug in front of the fireplace is all worth it!.....right?? Maybe once your frozen eyelids begin to thaw.


You don't have to be faster than the bear, just faster than the person you're with! I run to increase my chances of survival.


Back to the little elf above, tell me that running isn't a sport, I dare you! It IS too a sport. You're just jealous because my calves are so much sexier than yours, aren't you?


At the beginning of any race I've run. Thinking to myself - am I the only amateur runner here? Also true at the end of any race I've run.......dang I should have done more hills/miles/squats/eaten less ice cream/been born on a different continent....

Well, that's it for now! If you're looking for a sweet event to join, come run the Dusk to Dawn Relay Race at the Bonneville Salt Flats, UT. You know it's on your bucket list to run on a god-forsaken, white and salty piece of earth through the entire night....if that doesn't sound awesome, maybe these memes don't relate to you lol ;) Or maybe you're just not insane like the rest of us....either way, just it out at www.dusktodawnrelay.com

The years 2008 and 2009 were my best years, things went pretty well.

The 2008 and 2009 Provo River marathons started up in Provo canyon and ended at Utah Lake State Park. I set my lifetime PR at the 2008 Provo River marathon. This one is a very small race, the entire group going up in 2009 fit onto one bus, although it was crowded.

At the start I realized that in my life I had never led a marathon. I ran out of the start gate at a very fast pace, beyond my ability to maintain, and passed everyone in front of me. Then I realized I was leading the entire race.


My first mile time was 5:52, I was still in shock that no one had passed me yet. Miles 2 – 6 were very memorable for me, with an excitement I will never forget. The excitement was combined with feelings of panic, being afraid that I had gotten off of the course somehow because no one had passed me yet. But then another mile marker would pass, and things would be OK again.

At mile 6 I “ended the madness”, and slowed back to a pace I could maintain, and someone went past me about a half mile later. Then as always happens to some, “Porta Potty time”. The person who had passed me went into another one, and when we came out he got confused and ran back up the course in the wrong direction. I ran after him and got him turned around, then settled in for the rest of the race.

Later I figured out that a time which was only 10 minutes behind my PR from the previous year was in reach, so I pushed for that.

Here’s an idea: At the end of the race, turn into the park.

I missed that last turn off, and spent two minutes running past the park in the wrong direction until someone told me I had missed the turn. I missed my ten minute event by four minutes, two minutes spent running past the park, then two minutes running back.

#FridayswithFrank #DusktoDawnRelay #SeizetheNight

Frank has run 103 marathons and 3 ultras. He considers any exercise that is not running to be a waste of time. His running music of choice is Nightwish, though he is also a huge fan of Cher. Frank currently lives with his wife in West Jordan, Utah.

Race Directors Note: Frank is a good personal friend that I have known for many years. We currently run together on a weekly basis, and I have run several marathons with him. Through these many interactions I have heard many of the stories that we are sharing on this blog, and I thought it was about time for the rest of the world to hear them. So I hope you all enjoy Fridays with Frank.


If you've never been to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah's west desert, set aside a weekend to go (come out on August 21-22, 2020!) The Salt Flats is known for its uncharacteristically white, salty expanse. Movies such as Independence Day and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End staged several scenes at the Salt Flats to capture an other-worldly backdrop.

And that's just during the day - you should check it out at night! Stacey Marble photographed the inaugural Dusk to Dawn Relay Race at dusk and captured the beauty of the Salt Flats.

Check out this blog post by Stacey Marble Photography about her experience taking pictures at the inaugural Dusk to Dawn Relay Race. People raved about the awesome silhouette shots on the iconic Bonneville Salt Flats! With an unnaturally desolate background, these photos are sure to invoke a sense of FOMO in all your friends on social media ;)

Here's just a teaser of the pictures on Stacey's blog post:

Even if you don't like running, there's still a place for you at the Dusk to Dawn Relay Race. From dance parties to giveaways, glowsticks to games, and photo ops to pancake breakfasts, there's a place for everyone! Dusk to Dawn Relay's website outlines some of the fun you can expect that night.

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