FOMO: Salt Flats photos to make your friends jealous

If you've never been to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah's west desert, set aside a weekend to go (come out on August 21-22, 2020!) The Salt Flats is known for its uncharacteristically white, salty expanse. Movies such as Independence Day and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End staged several scenes at the Salt Flats to capture an other-worldly backdrop.

And that's just during the day - you should check it out at night! Stacey Marble photographed the inaugural Dusk to Dawn Relay Race at dusk and captured the beauty of the Salt Flats.

Check out this blog post by Stacey Marble Photography about her experience taking pictures at the inaugural Dusk to Dawn Relay Race. People raved about the awesome silhouette shots on the iconic Bonneville Salt Flats! With an unnaturally desolate background, these photos are sure to invoke a sense of FOMO in all your friends on social media ;)

Here's just a teaser of the pictures on Stacey's blog post:

Even if you don't like running, there's still a place for you at the Dusk to Dawn Relay Race. From dance parties to giveaways, glowsticks to games, and photo ops to pancake breakfasts, there's a place for everyone! Dusk to Dawn Relay's website outlines some of the fun you can expect that night.

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