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Book Review: Eat and Run

Here's the second installment in my book review series

Eat and Run

My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarthon Greatness

By: Scott Jurek

So this is my favorite running book of all time. It also made me fall in love with Scott Jurek.

This book is the biography of Scott Jurek and how he became the great ultrarunner of all time, and one of the best runners this world has ever seen.

From his beginnings in Duluth, Minnesota, this book follows the chronicle of Scott Jurek discovering the ultramarthon and his journey to become the top ultramarthoner of his time. It follows the struggles not only of his running career, but also his personal life. From his rocky relationship to his best friend Dusty, to collapsing in the middle of Death Valley while running the Badwater Ultramarthon. If you're looking for something to inspire your running, this might just be the book for you.

Something else that is unique about this book is Scott's discussion about veganism. Being a vegan, Scott dealt with many biases against how he ate and that he couldn't win while eating like that. He sure proved everybody wrong. He also includes vegan recipes at the end of every chapter. I"ve tried a couple, and they're really good.

Bonus Video: Check out Scott's TedMed talk about why he runs.

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