Running in the dark. With friends. ALL NIGHT LONG.

Feeling adventurous? Well, grab a couple of friends, bring your flashlights, and leave your pillows at home. Join us for the one and only relay running party that goes from dusk to dawn!

Cross the finish line first. Leave the sleep for after.

What it is

A running relay. An adventure in the dark. Or more importantly, an excuse to have fun with your friends and meet your fitness goals. There are 12 legs to run of various distances from start to finish. No sleep, just run+fun.

How it works

You show up in one car with two, three or five of your friends. The legs are divided evenly among your team, and each person takes one turn running in order before repeating.

Why you have to try it

This event starts at dusk and continues through the night until sunrise or you cross the finish line. No need to sleep or camp - that's complicated! Just show up with your running shoes on and party all night with friends!

Fri-Sat, August 1st/2nd, 2014

Spanish Fork, UT Sports Complex

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Prices are per person, teams of 2-12 are permitted
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Sign up your team, and refer another team to get $50 cash back!* Refer up to ten teams for a total of $500 cash!

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Running at night brings a rare opportunity of solace mixed with unbelievable excitement that sends you into an unmistakable trance. As you run through the night, you become a rare breed--one that sacrifices sleep for the love of running. Some will call you crazy. The "others" will not understand you. Once you run all night, you will be transformed forever--initiated by the ritual into the peculiar tribe of night runners.

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